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Wall Treatments and Maintenance

About This Service

This has to do with treating wall defects such as blistering, algae, fading, alkaline attack, mould growth etc. This defects damages paint finishes by hindering as well as brilliance as well as the durability. We have the best treatment for all your walls defects.

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  • For inspirational design and an interior that responds to your business needs, choose The Lake Painters Company to ensure increased turnover and business growth.
  • With over 10 years experience, The Lake Painters Company has developed unrivalled expertise in the design and fit-out of shop, office and restaurant interiors.
  • Our competitive pricing policy ensures we can put together a package to meet every budget without compromising on design or quality.
  • Our partnership approach guarantees our clients dedicated customer focus and an innovative plan to optimise space and layout so clients can avail of every opportunity to increase productivity and maximise profits.
  • An experienced team of Interior Architects and Designers have the competence and the resources to ensure contracts are successfully completed within the agreed time scale.
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